Florin is crypto designed for value

Store of Value

No complicated crypto talk

Florin is simple. An easy-to-use cryptocurrency that uses proven technology and is extremely scarce. Because people care about value which traditional money loses through inflation.

Buy and keep Florin safe in your own wallet

You only need the Florin app

In-app buying coming soon.

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Trade Florin at Stex.com

In scarcity we trust

Current supply
Max Supply
Locked by holders
Exchange order book
Market cap
Market rank
Percentages based on current supply.

Next halving: 2025

41% becomes available through mining and holding rewards. Every 4 years there is a halving of rewards.

Holders are rewarded

Holders can lock their Florin for a certain period of time and leave the Florin application on. The Florin blockchain randomly picks an active application to confirm a transaction every 5 minutes. The holder that confirms a successful transaction receives 0.075 Florin.

Holding reward

Florin / 300 sec (block)

Mining reward

Florin / 300 sec (block)

Mining for everyone

Miners can use the Florin application to use the computing power of their computer to confirm transactions. Every 4 minutes a transaction can be confirmed. The miner that successfully confirms a transaction receives 0.025 Florin.

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