Avoid disappointment and limit risk

How Florin works

Florin is decentralized

No one is in charge, no one is liable. The blockchain runs decentralized thanks to the users (miners and holders).

Open source

Florin software (desktop) is open source and any developer can audit the code. Developers can propose changes or improvements to the code, but this is only implemented if the majority of users (miners and holders) agree and install the modified software.

No promises

Because there is no central organization that manages Florin, there is no roadmap. The future is determined by the users. This also applies to marketing and exchange listings.

Supply and demand

The value of Florin is determined on a free trade market by supply and demand. The value can go in any direction. So always keep in mind that there could be significant drops.

Under your own control

You are fully responsible for your Florin holdings. Keep the backup phrase you see at installation in a safe place. Lose phrase or someone else with access to the phrase = lose Florin. All Florin apps are non-custodial (under your own control).

No protection

The supervision of the Dutch Central Bank offers no protection to investors or consumers. Go to dnb.nl for more information.

I understand Florin

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